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This paper will discuss the rolls of production worker, salespeople, and administrative staff in a chocolate factory, and how applying motivation theories like the Two-Factor theory and the Equity theory could effectively motivate him or her towards better performance, and product quality. The name of the chocolate factory is called Jeff's chocolate's.

Motivation refers to the individual forces that account for the direction, level, and persistence of a person effort expended at work. As a production worker it is very important to be team oriented and a self motivated person.

With this in mind the success of the organization some what depends on how production flows, and with its employee's job satisfaction and dissatisfaction. It also depends on how well a production worker can motivate its employees from the point of raw ingredients to the finished product.

The following motivation theories would help a production worker in motivating its employee's, and improve job satisfaction.

Two-factor theory also called the motivator-hygiene theory deals with both employee job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction.

To improve job satisfaction the theory hygiene factors suggest that the production worker should take a look at their employee's job content. To improve employee satisfaction and performance the production worker most recognize, and acknowledge workers achievement, recognition, and responsibility.

People in the workforce compare the benefits of their jobs to other's benefits (, n.d.). Adams explains that perceived inequity occurs when employees think that the work they completed is not rewarded to the same level as others. This inequity can be broken down into two categories: felt negative inequity and felt positive inequity (Schermerhorn, et al, 2005). In companies that specialize in sales: car-dealerships, loan sales, and real estate agents, felt negative inequity can help employees work toward greater goals. The equity theory can be applied to the salespeople...