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Motivation Paper Three Men and Two Ladies Clothing Store, Ltd. is a privately owned retail clothing company that began in 1985. The company provides corporate and casual clothing for men and women. It also carries a corporate line of shoes and boots. The company is relatively small and located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. With less than 200 hundred employees, they pride themselves on being a family type environment. The mission statement is as follows:"We strive to offer quality, well made products at fair prices to our customers. We also strive to have a fair and friendly working environment for our staff while making a difference in our community."While the company operates six days a week, each employee, working a full 40 hours, sets aside one day each month for community service. On the last Monday of each month, the entire staff takes the day to help build homes for underprivileged people through Habitat for Humanity.

This exercise builds teamwork for the staff while giving back to the community. This program helps keep morale high for employees, by shedding light on the lives of people who are less fortunate.

Three Men and Two Ladies Clothing Store, Ltd. goals are to continue to grow as they have been growing in the last 5 years, which is 15% each year. The growth margin is enough to feel successful but not too much that they lose sight of what is important in this organization. The company believes the core to any successful company is to have happy and productive employees with motivation to advance and grow.

Three Men and Two Ladies Clothing Store, Ltd. understands that for continued growth, the company must have a strong team. The team / employees consist of administrative staff, sales people, and production workers. Three Men...