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University of PhoenixResearch and EvaluationRES/341August 22, 2006IntroductionMotorola has envisioned several areas for growth. Mobile devices, Connected Home Solutions, and Networks and Enterprises. Motorola is continuously seeking new ways to further the goals of the corporation. Their decisions have been based on variables that include customer demands, industry wants, quality products, customer satisfaction, while maintaining its share in the market place through innovative methods. Motorola has shown itself to be a forerunner in the electronic devices and mobile wireless designs.

Recommendations for IssuesThe Bluetooth headsets since its inception in 2002 have posed many problems for Motorola. What was perceived to be an ingenious concept did not come without its issues. Customers and company alike recognized the problem of cell phones not being Bluetooth ready to access the headset. This posed another concern for the customer, they had to purchase an additional adapter or shell out extra money to update the phones to be compatible with the Bluetooth.

It is recommended that Motorola capitalize on their security mechanism built into its encompassing authentication, authorization, and encryption. (Unknown, Para. 1) Their competitor Nokia has attempted to hack Motorola's Bluetooth technology with no success. Also recommend that Motorola respond to crisis in a timelier manner, as not to affect the market share.

Recommendations for OpportunitiesIt is recommended that Motorola continue with the marriage of Motorola and Shanda Interactive. The signing of the agreement on July 28, 2006 gives Motorola exclusive rights to launch the mobile version of games that will be a specialty item on their mobile handset. Motorola's opportunities are seen to boost the sales of the handset E680g. Motorola in the last few years has presented "must have" products. (, 2006) Another opportunity that has been identified and believed to push up market shares is the recently acquired Broadus Technology that...