The movie, Star Wars is not as difficult to decipher

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The movie, Star Wars is not as difficult to decipher whether or not it has more to it then just being sheer entertainment. An average person with little or no knowledge of a myth would most likely think of the movie as being a source of entertainment. The plot of the movie is easy to follow and has become very popular. Most people just watch it and the thought of mythology never crosses their minds. To those who have background on myths can easily spot how it relates to a typical hero myth. To me, it may not have a "hidden message", but coincidentally it is very similar to a myth. I believe that the writer of this movie did not intentionally create it to be parallel a myth. A heroic myth is one, mainly a man, who goes on a dangerous journey to help save another life. The hero typically puts his own life on the line in order to save another.

The hero goes as far as possible to help others. Luke Skywalker, the hero in Star Wars, traveled to unknown places in space rescue Princess Leia from the evil Darth Vader. Luke made it home safely with the princess. A hero in a myth is required to make it home after the journey. A typical hero has gods watching over him. Luke had "the force" by his side. After Obi-wan-kanobi taught him the way of the force, he was able to rely on it. When there was trouble, he would concentrate on the force and it would help him. Obi-wan-konobi would always tell him that the force would always be with him, such as a god is always watching over the hero in ancient myths. Luke also has a few people with him. He had Chewy, Hans Solo, Obi-wan-kanobi and the triodes aiding him. In the ancient myth Odysseus, the main character Odysseus was traveling with a group of men that helped him with his tasks. Luke's men helped him to get passed various guards and to fight off Darth Vador. In the end, it is easy to see the similarities that Star Wars and a typical heroic myth contain. In my opinion, Star Wars is more than just entertainment, it is a modern myth.