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As administrator it is my job to keep this business going and, this involves following the technology. Other companies in our area offer a mobile MRI unit, this business should too, in order to stay competitive. The demand is high enough to warrant this type of machine, we are loosing patients because we do not have the right equipment to cater to their needs. For the most part patients who need this type of device available are unable to get around because of injury. This MRI unit will help build the practice by going to where the patients are instead of forcing them to come to us. The practices income is likely to double and cover the cost of the mobile MRI.

This is an opportunity this business cannot pass up, and as administrator will not pass up. Without this device the competition will come in and sweep us under the rug by providing more services at a lower cost.

This practice must come into the future of technology and strengthen the weaker areas of business.

Newer technologies will make this business stand out and, have services that follow behind no one. In order for this business to flourish we need more staff and technology available. These will not only help the practice grow in consumers but the practice will grow in staff to help in the pursuit for better lives for all.

A radiologist will have to be hired in order to run this machine, along with radiology assistants. The processes of finding knowledgeable employees to fit this position may take a while but, it is possible. New employees coming in they will have to be brought up to speed on the practices missions and reward systems, which will be extremely inviting to prospective employees.

Competitors have cut their...