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Murtle the turtle Once upon a time, a turtle named Murtle was walking through the woods. Then a couple of his neighbors the bunny rabbits came out. As they always do to hassle him and throw carrots at him. Murtle had very sensitive skin, but he was fast so he only had to take the pain until he ran past them but things like carrots and even the sun hurt his skin. And the biggest rabbit named Russell always was the one to start throwing things at Murtle just because he was weak. Then one night Murtle decided that before he went to bed he had to think of a way to not get abused so much by the rabbits and for guidance Murtle began a session of meditation. He looked for his leader named Vladimir for guidance and after a matter of hours Vladimir said to him "Murtle you need to sit still in a crouching position meditating for a day strait then when you move a shell wall will stay there in its place the only bad part is it will slow you down considerably but Murtle paid no attention to that and did as Vladimir said.

Roughly twenty-four hours later his meditation stopped and he awoke from his meditation begin to move and slowly but surely the shell was appearing and he saw this and as this was happening he was thinking back at the times that he used to get things thrown at him and it would hurt him and he would bruise easily but now he wont have to worry about that because he will have his powerful shell so he will just laugh at those dumb bunny rabbits as they run out of there precocious carrots and before he knew it his shell was at its final stage of completion and he was as happy as can be just being another animal in the woods and then it finished and he wanted to take it out for a spin so he did but before that the Rabbits were on there way to pick carrots from a garden and steal them for there pleasure which made them more evil and filled there eyes with a redness that cant be described. And when you look into them you see how clever and tricky they may be. So by the time the Rabbits were getting back Murtle was on his way out he was moving rather slowly and then he remembered back to his meditation and he forgot that Vladimir told him that he would be slow but it didn't bother him for now he just wanted to see what the rest of his life was going to be like and as he was passing the Rabbits house the Rabbits were getting home and caught up to him and saw his new shell but thought nothing of it so Russel grabbed one of his recently picked carrots and heaved it as hard as he could at Murtle. Murtle saw it coming he waited for the blow and then bonk it hit and fell to the ground the Rabbits couldn't believe it he was still standing and not hurt at all the Rabbits ran away and were never heard from again and Murtle stayed only to live happily ever after