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The times today have let us to belive that peace is found probably at places where the attention is created ,but at times that turns out to be so untrue .

The question often asked is that why cannot man leave all his grievances behind and come out of the artificial shell ,that says i do good for others,or i do social service or i am living for others .

I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to you your own self ...

therefore every one must i guess have a link to some kind of peace ,where man can go and hide ,shed his worries , behave as he wants to or in fact just be himself . I know these words can sound harsh but they are often prooved to be true .So after searching all my life i found that peace in music ,or rather my GUITAR .

It helped . All of us were hurt when America went under the attack ,but again it was my great love for music which got me back my true self .Thinking in a wide manner , you can feel that any man is not bad ,or infact no body has bad thoughts ,but in fact that is the way he thinks. It has been proved a million times that behind every motive that is bad there lies an element of truth . Again from common example " A boy is sitting at a railway platform , wondering where his parents are ,and realizes that his stomach his aching , so he looks around and sees that people around him are putting something through there mouths ,so he goes and asks them weather he can have some of it , but they shout at him call him a beggar and run him away . So the crux of the story was that the boy has to eat , people would not give him food and he has to steel. Similarly we could gather facts about land , resouces , oppertunities etc . Be it nations or rather communities , people want better for them selves .

So in my grievest hours i walk to the lake close to my house and wonder how come all this peace came down here ...why not at places where it is needed most , but the moment i hit the first note of Niel Diamond , Jimmy Page .... i forget the world , and relax with my peace ..the peace i derive from music ..from my GUITAR