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. There is also a lot of religion in this section. The idea seems to be that even though there are different religions, people should not let that change how the treat people. The burdens are very compassionate and sympathetic for the Shimerdas despite their differences in culture and religion. When spring arrives, everyone has gotten a renewed sense of energy. Antonia has seemed to change. Her duties, which James describes as unfit for a female, seem to have made her less feminine in her manner. James also says that she has grown up. With the passing of her father, she has had to take on much more responsibility, which has caused her to be more of an adult. This section deals much with the trials of life, and how they affect a person development as well as the previously mentioned ideas of compassion and being understanding.

*************************************** Biblical Allusions in "My Antonia" There are many biblical allusions in "My Antonia."

The first, the statement "optima dies ... prima fugit" (the best days are the first to flee) represents the nostalgic mood of the book. It means you don't know you are in paradise until you are not there anymore. This is true of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and Jim in his childhood with Antonia.

As the book progresses Jim's attachment and loyalty to Antonia becomes more evident. He realizes the happiest days of his life were in his childhood with Antonia. That is why he comes back at the end. Jim proves his loyalty by dedicating his graduation speech to Antonia's dead father (p194-5). ""˜There was something in your speech that made me think so about papa!', "˜I thought about your father when I wrote my speech, Tony,' I said. "˜I dedicated it to him.'" Jim knew...