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Hello to all the girls and boys who made it out to the brand-spankin new "HMD" website. I hope you're enjoying it so far. It's still in the growing process so don't attack us yet. What can be said about this band?? One thing. It kicks lots of culo!! We have fun, play music, and go better together than Mountain Dew and A Big New Yorker. I currently play set for the band but I'm thinking about moving to tambourine. I'm still kind of iffy about that though. No promises. I use a Pearl kit and hardware, Sabian and Paiste cymbals, DW stuff, and Tama stuff. It's a big clusterf***. To get more specs on it just come out to one of our shows. We've played about a hundred house parties but I think we're finally ready for real gigs. Thanks to Dwayne, Blackie, Whitie, Ricky, Jon, my beautiful girlfriend Viv, webmasters Francisco and Tony (my cuz) and everyone else who have flattered us with helping hands and support.

Keep it CooL.

-Victor D.