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I Need Help?

The chief Engineer's main duty at a radio station is to keep the station on the air and sounding good. This involves taking caring of all necessary broadcasting equipment for this purpose. Repairing, replacing, rebuilding, and creating are actions we are hired for. At the same time, we are to keep the station legally synchronized with FCC regulations. This takes a tremendous amount of time per task. There's always something going on. Luckily, we don't do many remotes because that would also be included. Not to mention, these duties are carried out at both the studio end and the transmitter end. There is one solution that I can think that will help and that is I need assistant.

It probably wouldn't be so bad if I had one station to deal with. What makes it kind of ruff is I have to stations to deal with. This would include a transmitter site and studio for each station.

What's so difficult about that? Well, the transmitter sites are about seventy-miles for each other and about forty-five miles from the studio locations. As you can see, most of my time is done on the road between sites.

Some of the conditions are not very pleasant either. At the transmitter site there numerous critters you may encounter. Lots of lovely snakes, spiders and other creatures that sometimes claim the site as their own. At times, there is crawling, reaching, climbing, pulling, and lifting that can take a toll on your body.

The only real issue I have with getting an assistant is the money in the budget for the station. The stations I have are a couple of AM Christian radio format stations. As you may have figured in your mind, they don't tend to be major players in top...