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My future career choice is to be a College or University Professor. My field would probably be in Mathematics. A reason for being a professor to many people is the satisfaction that you are teaching our future leaders, but I don't think I would be that satisfied to stand in front of a bunch of kids just trying to get through college. I would most likely want to be a Mathematics Professor because math interests me and it is also my favorite subject. If I were to become a professor, it sounds important when someone ask what you do for a living, and you say "A Mathematics Professor". Which in other words it is also a type of status symbol.

        The type of education needed is formal education. I will definitely need a Master's Degree, but even with a Master's Degree it will be hard to find a job. To be hired easily I need a Doctoral Degree or in other words a Ph.

D. A Ph. D. would take an average of 6-8 years full-time study after the bachelor's degree. Programs to get a Doctoral Degree have 20 or more extremely specialized courses and seminars and comprehension exams on all major areas of their field. A particular school that seems good is Brown University.

        The test that we took in Career Seminar indicated that I have an influencing personality, which I agree with. I believe that having an influencing personality helps to make the students better understand the point that you are trying to get across. I sometimes help my sister with her math homework so that she understands it. When I help her I feel smart that I can answer her questions and help her on something.

        My prediction for my lifestyle in 16 years when I'm 30...