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Three and half years ago, I made a big turning point of my life. I left to the new place that I had have never been before and behind all my friends, memories, and hometown, which represent the 15 years of my life. It was not just curiosity to have a desire to start the new exploration. I had been thinking about my future seriously. I did not want to be a person of narrow outlook and wanted to begin my life in the middle of a strange place to experience the real life. The exchange student program was extrication from where I situated at that time. The main aim of the exchange program was about learning the new culture and experiencing the various kinds of matters through attending high school and fitting in the community. It provided an American host family who could help me to adjust the new environment with a better understanding.

Because I knew that good chances hardly come in one's life, I took it of lifetime. Even though it was not an easy conquest, I experienced the great value of community through the exchange student program.

Just believing my potential abilities, I started with no preparation for my new exploration. Maybe I just trusted that young aged person has more ability to accept a new language faster than a person with full age. I also think that the reason that I had too much confidence on the new situation was that I believed so much in the word which man is the most adjustable being entirely in wherever. I had have lived in the metropolitan area for all my entire life. The place that I had to live with my new host                                                                         Cho 2 family was the rural...