My Family: A Folkstory- An exaggerated version of the actual history of my family lineage!

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My family's migration to America began a long time ago, in the 1950's as an escape attempt of my grandparents. My grandfather was living very wealthily in a city with my grandmother when an army from the North quickly came into the city to try to take it over. They started by looking for societal leaders and other wealthy people to be lined up in a ditch and shot. Startled, my grandfather quickly fled the village to live in the mountains to hide from this new army. Though sad, my grandmother had to be brave and overcome her tears to endure this new enemy. The soldiers quickly started to raid each wealthy looking house looking for societal leaders and... food. Being forced to march from city to city and raiding cities has exhausted these soldiers, so while looking for and murdering societal leaders they also forced the wives to cook their meals immediately after they saw their own lovers get shot, die, and collapse to the floor.

Often times these wives were raped and killed afterwards to lie with the festering corpses of their defeated and fallen husbands. One of these wives was my grandmother, the soldiers rudely forced my mother to cook all 6 of their meals. While she was cooking, the soldiers also shouted at her to hurry up and beat her whenever they thought she was going too slowly. The soldiers would also occasionally beat her two children who were only toddlers. When she was finished, she served all six of them and watched from the hallway in disgust as they very rudely scarfed down their food. When the first soldier finished, he asked my grandmother where her husband was, my grandmother very intelligently told the soldiers that he had traveled up North to join their army.