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I have been studying English grammar for about six years. When I was in high schoolI began to learn about English grammar. Our grammar teacher firstly taught us thebasic rules of English grammar and expressed the differences between the English and theTurkish grammar . I feel it worked for us because I think making student aware of parallelsand contrasts between English grammar and that of their first language often allows them tounderstand the grammar under study more rapidly. In that way we could have some ideasabout the English grammar and main constructions of it. Our teacher wanted to us analyzesome paragraphs which includes a lot of grammar constructions. I think he did this because hewanted to see us the usage of grammar in the sentences. He adviced to us get a penfriend from an English spoken country so we would be in contact with a person who knowsthe language and grammar very well.

But I can’t say that it worked for us, because the penfriends of us mostly were using informal English and sometimes I was confused because ofthe diffferent usage. So I really could not understand what I was learning about. Now I amtaking advanced grammar class in Fatih University ELL department. Since the beginning ofthe class I have learnt a lot of new things about the constructions and the definitions of theparts of speech,so Ican be sure where I must use the parts. I feel I can really understand someor most of it. I think that is because I learnt a lot of things from my grammar class. Ourgrammar teacher asks to us use prepositional phrases more than one in a sentence. Now I cangive more specific details in my sentences such as in,on,toward…She focuses on showing ushow phrases add rich details to sentences. She also labels all...