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My Hero Most people's definition of a Hero would be someone who is famous. However, my definition of a Hero is someone that cares about you and is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed. My Hero is my mom, even though she's not perfect, she is always there for me. When I'm sad she can always put a smile on my face.

Her name is Suzanne Gibbons, she was born on March 28, 1960 in Birmingham, Alabama. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. My mom is tall and thin. She is very athletic, she runs a mile every morning before she drives me to school and goes to work.

My mother is hilarious and is hardly ever serious except when she needs to be. Some mothers are really strict and never allow their children to do anything, but my mom is different. She allows me to experience things for myself.

I know that if I need her she is always there. There are times when she is strict, such as school work, grades, cleaning my room, etc. She has always taught me to respect others as I would want them to respect me. My mom is really laid back, but she is stern as well.

My mom moved around alot when growing up. My grandfather was in then Army. Mom went to alot of different schools. She graduated from high school from Winchester, Kentucky. When she was in high school she played on the basketball team. The team won the State Championship two years in a row. After high school she attended University of Kentucky. She played on the basketball team at the University and fell during the game.

As a result, she injuried her knee and tore her ACL and she had to have therapy...