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Sixteen years ago, I came shyly into a world of love and happiness, yet full of social insecurity. I was the quiet and studious second child of the family. Happily married, my parents were excited to have a new baby girl in their lives. I grew up with many opportunities for both intellectual and religious growth. I was incredibly secure in the knowledge that I was immensely loved by my family. Although I was raised to feel comfortable at home, however, I would only find myself clinging for the security of my parents while at school. All things considered, school had managed to be a first priority in my life. In fact, it had been the only priority in my life (as friends had never really played much of a role in my life). However, as the years continued to pass and as I entered high school, my untouched, insecure, and shy life became plastered in a number of different activities and forms of leadership.

Frank Herbert once said, “Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” High school can easily be classified as my awakening. I recall my junior year in high school opening up dull no new changes. However, when my French teacher asked me whether I would be joining any clubs that year, I realized that I had to make a major decision. I had not been very sure if I could manage to hold the weight of school club meetings as well as soccer practice. I realized that I truly did want to join more clubs in school but would therefore have to sacrifice soccer. In attempting to work out some sort of compromise, I chose to join more clubs and also join at the local fitness center. In addition to...