My Life Is A Toliet

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My Life is a Toilet By Gretel Killeen Random house Australia published this book in 1994, Sydney This book is written in the form of letters from fleur trotter, an average Australia teenage girl to her new pen friend who's name she doesn't know the story begins in the trotter family car on a trip to visit there dieing grandma.

Along the way they manage to crash into the car of the pipe family. The pipes offer the trotters a lift to there home were they will fix their car and then be able to continue on the journey. How ever it will take longer then expected to fix the car and so Fleur is stuck in a caravan park in the middle of no were with the worst people possible "“ her mother and father, the pip and the Babette, her two sisters, the pipes (Edwin, Edwina and Dwayne) and the other residents of the caravan park, there, Fleur survive flood, fire, a bad hair cut, and other interesting experiences.

Fleur trotter was my favourite character of the book because she was easy to relate to. She had typical problems that all girl experience.

The issues addressed in this book were family problems, death, natural disastrous and the development of friend ship. The theme was family because u see the relationship between Fleur and her parents step parents and sisters develop.

The genre of this book is comedy, although I personally didn't find it very funny. I give this book a 3.5 out of 10 because I really didn't enjoy it. It didn't have an interesting story line and the author used dump humour. Id recommend this book for girls around the age of 12 who like light books that u don't have to get very involved in.