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My Mission At the beginning of the school year (end of August) we will begin the NEW High School program. Before this, we will need to have a parent's meeting, possibly with the HS students. My thought is to have a Potluck dinner after mass, or before a weekend to minimize the number of parents and students away for the weekend. The economy is working in our favor at this point!! Not too many families will be planning Large-scale vacations this year. At the beginning of the program I foresee a small number of students attending it. My hope is that over a matter of time (1-2 months) we will reach our numbers for the year. During the time leading up to mid-November, we need to put all possible effort into inviting youth to attend this program, and pumping up those that do attend to bring their friends. Myself, I will be getting a list of the sporting events, and school sponsored activities, and I will try to attend as many as I can.

I will not burn out, because this is God's will. He is really guiding me to visit with the youth on their terms, where they gather. Currently, that is school, and with their friends. My invitation is to you all to join me on occasion. Many will view this as preposterous, after all who the heck are we??         We do play a large part in the lives of the youth, no matter the age and the influence that we believe that we would have on them. They may know me as the bald guy at church, or as the guy that talks too much as a lector, or just as the town flake, maybe as just a face in the crowd. But as I become more visible...