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Are there many things you want to know about my name? Well, my birth name is Qui, but many people call me Florence. I like my name for many reasons. One reason I like my name is that it is very unique and I haven’t yet met a person with the same name as me. I dislike my name for many reasons. One reason I dislike my name is because, in school it is the name my parents put on my forms and everything, so that is what goes in the records of the schools and all the teachers don’t know how to pronounce Qui, so I don’t really like it. I have had many past experiences with my name. One past experience I had with my name is every time it comes to the beginning of the school year all the teachers don’t know how to pronounce my name, so they spell it out or something like that, it always bugged me but then eventually I got used to it because not everyone is Vietnamese.

Both of my parents gave me a different name. My mom gave me a Vietnamese name Qui. My dad gave me an American name, so other people can pronounce my name. He decided to name me Florence. At home both my parents and other people in my family call me Qui, but people outside the family, usually call me Florence. My mom named me Qui because it means precious and when I was being born her embolic cord was wrapped around my neck so i came out purple so she decided to name me Qui, precious. Ever since I was born until I was one year old I had to carry around a machine. The machine beeps every time I didn’t breath, so my...