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It is say that we generally develop our behavioral style in our childhood by result of some possible genetic predisposition and our early life experiences. Everyone has a primary style that we tend to use most of the time. Historical, as well as contemporary, research reveals more than a dozen various models of our behavioral differences, but many share one common thread: the grouping of behavior into four categories. These four categories are: the dominance style, the interactive style, the steadiness style, and the cautious style. Although each of us has his or her primary style, only a small percentage of the total population can be understood clearly by just these four primary styles, therefore, each primary style also contains four sub-styles (Alessandra, 2007)After taking the DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment, I discovered that my primal behavioral style was the interactive style, and my sub-style was the Id or how this assessment calls it “the enthusiast” sub-style.

Interactive styles are fast-paced and people-focused. We are also open and direct, exhibiting characteristics such as animation, intuitiveness, and liveliness; our actions and decisions are spontaneous. Interactive styles are idea people. We have the ability to get others caught up in our dreams because of our good persuasive skills. We influence others and shape their environment by bringing others into alliance to accomplish results. We seek approval and recognition for our accomplishments and achievements. We have that dynamic ability to think quickly on our feet. I totally agree with these statements, I see myself like a very open and direct person. I tent to say what I think for good or for bad. Sometimes the fact of saying what I think in any situation makes people nervous or people around me may believe that being like this can create issues, but I...