My Wonderful Teacher

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MY WONDERFUL TEACHER I NEVER FORGOT "Does anyone have any question? ", "What is your first thinking about this problem? ", and "Does any of you have any other way of solving this? ". These are the familiar phrases I hear every time from Mrs. Quin Mckean when I go to my math class. Math is always my favorite subject in school since I was young. I love science, especially math, and my instructor made it even more interesting to me. She made the class fun, interesting, and intellectual. Do you want to take a class with an instructor who made learning fun and you understand and practice the materials well? The answer from me is yes for sure.

Mrs. Mckean is an instructor from Math Department. She has been working full-time at Mission college since 1988, and she received the following degrees for her career: a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley, an M.A.

from Stanford, and a M.S. from Colorado State. She was chair of Math Department and Division for several years. With all that many years in school as an instructor and a student before she started her teaching career, she does know very well all the things about the students and the teachers. She knows how to teach, make you interesting in class and study hard, and have a good relationship with her students. I consider those are important things that teachers have to know if they want to teach well.

LE 2 First of all, her homework and the lab are generally due once per week. It seems normally, but it actually helps us to bring our grades up, and it could bring up 10 percent of the grade. Only checking whether the students do the homework or not, she does not check for the right answers and all...