Nature vs. Man in Frankentein

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Although humans have the tendency to experiment with mother nature, often the

results can prove disastrous, even deadly endings. The tale of Frankenstein, by

Mary Shelley, focused on the outcome of one man's self-indulgence to

manipulate nature, which resulted in the creation of a horrific monster. Victor

Frankenstein chose to infringe the rules of nature when he created life, however

did not think about the consequences of what could happen. After he created

the abnormality of life, Frankenstein would ruin any chance of the monster

surviving in society, Frankenstein would lose his most loved ones, and most of

all, would be haunted by his own creation. Nature came back into

Frankenstein's life because in Frankenstein, nature proved to be more powerful

than any man.

First of all, Frankenstein's intent was to create a being unlike any other,

superior to all human life. He picked the most perfect body parts and the best

features, all pieced together in great expectancy.

However, the results were

horrific and irreversible. Frankenstein delivered his creation into a world where

he could not ever be entirely excepted by the people who inhabit it. Delivered

into the world, full grown and without a guardian to teach him the ways of the

human world, the creation discovers that he is alone. The society wrongfully

treats the oversized creation, on the assumption he is a monster. They scorn

and attack him just because of his outward appearance. He saved a girl from

drowning and in return he gets shot because of his appearance. The first time

Frankenstein and his creation met, the monster confessed to his creator on what

he had been through, and how he was rejected by society. Frankenstein

neglected to be there for the monster and was never there to teach him the

concepts of right...