Neighbour Rosicky: A response.

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Neighbor Rosicky by Willa Cather is a story about a Czech immigrant named Anton Rosicky and his family who live in a rural farmland area in Nebraska. Rosicky is a kind old man who is truly dedicated to his family. He lives in a house with his wife Mary and their two boys. However, it is his oldest son Rudolph that Rosicky is most concerned about as he has just been married and is off to a rocky start to life on his own.

Rosicky is a simple man who is easy to please. He has lived through some very rough times in his life, such as his time in London where his home was a corner of his bosses' living room and he barely had a dime to his name. Rosicky was never successful financially, often times barely having enough money for his family to get by, but his life experiences allowed him to only focus on the positives in his life and forget about the negatives and things he cannot control.

Rudolph and Polly had only been married a short time and things were not going very well. Rosicky was very concerned about this as he was not sure if a city girl like Polly was suited for life in the country with his son. For Rosicky, the city was a symbol of evil; while the country was a haven where you could always be safe in the knowledge you were a slave to no one, that you always had something to call your own in your land. Rosicky got sick one day after clearing some brush form his fields and was on the verge of collapsing when Polly came to his aid. She brought him to her house and took care of him. It was then that...