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Nuclear Attack: Only Two Survivors! Odgentown / Yesterday afternoon an A-Bomb exploded in the region of Odgentown. The consequences are devastating and all the human beings and most of the animals and most of the plants are already dead.

Yesterday afternoon, the people of Odgentown could see an enormous atomic mushroom that rose with a very high speed up in the sky. About two minutes later the blast and the heat wave of the bomb reached our town and killed the human beings who had survived the poison gas attack. All the animals and most of the plants had also been destroyed. Interestingly two human survived from the nuclear attack, the entire human population had dropped to 2. The two are Ann Burden and John R. Loomis. Ann survived from the attack because of the natural landscape, which had saved her. Then Mr. Loomis first arrived in the valley wearing the earths only existing "safe-suit," seemed to be very resistant against radiation.

They were fighting over the ¡§safe-suit.¡¨ At the moment we don't know if there are more survivors in the region because all the communication systems are out of order. Nobody knows who dropped the bomb, but the Russians are suspected.

Mr. Loomis and two other scientists, Dr. Kylmer and Edward, created the safe suit, which protected the body from any type of radiation, along with other devices that stop radiation. Mr. Loomis ventured out to seek any existing life. Finally he finds the valley, he received a radiation poisoning from swimming in a creek he thought was radiation free. He became ill with radiation poisoning and was unable to take care himself. In fact he was barely conscious.

Ann Burden decided to take care Mr. Loomis. She realized that he might be the only other human who was still alive, but she did not know for sure. Ann took excellent cared of Mr. Loomis, when he became physically better, he began to act more violently toward her. Mr. Loomis had phases of many personalities. He became very aggressive and attempted to take advantage of Ann in her sleep, thus causing Ann to flee. Ann stayed a good distance away, in case Mr. Loomis tried anything. All for ¡§a sudden she heard two cracks and feels a sharp pain in her right leg.¡¨ Mr. Loomis had shot her with a .22 rifle. As Ann hided out in the hills surrounding the valley, she had virtually nothing to eat but berries. Mr. Loomis's hostile behavior was eventually countered with an equally hostile act from Ann, the struggle for future survival.

In the mean while, Ann became frightened and must devise a plan. She decided to steal the radioactive shielded wagon, which contained the ¡§safe-suit,¡¨ and other important goods, and leave the valley.

This plan became the purpose of her goal to leave the valley for good. To start her plan, she wrote Mr. Loomis a note that read, "I am tired of hiding. If you will come to the south end of the valley, I will meet you at the flat rock where the road curves. Come on foot, and leave your gun on the porch. I will be watching you-I will not hurt an unarmed man." Mr. Loomis found this note and obeyed. While he was walking to the south end of the valley, Ann stole the wagon and heads toward the deadness beyond the valley. When she reached the boundary between the deadness and the valley, she waited for Mr. Loomis.

When he arrived he was driving the tractor and carrying his gun. He noticed Ann with the safe-suit and becomes very angry. Ann said that she must go as Mr. Loomis pleaded with her to stay. As Ann walked away into the deadness, Mr. Loomis told her of birds he saw, circling, to the west of the valley. Ann waved good-bye and continued on.

The effects of a nuclear war developed isolation and loneliness that caused a person to act in unusual ways, perhaps even violently, both effects on the environment and the overall effects on the survivors of such a war