Nightclub Business plan in detail

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Nightclub Business plan

Proposed size and scope of the new club:

5,000 square feet in total space.

An elaborate rooftop patio with space for 150

Maximum capacity of 450 seating, (600 during summer months with patio open)

2000 square feet of dance space

50,000 watts of lighting effects

15,000 watts of sound

Parking for 140 cars.

The following outcomes have been identified for the new venue:

In excess of 1.3 million in annual revenues.

Creation of 30 to 40 new jobs in the city.

25 construction and other miscellaneous jobs during the renovation period


Located at the main artery coming into New Albany, this location is ideally positioned for the new focal point of nightclub entertainment. High volume traffic means high exposure to the new venue. The location is also shared with all of New Albany's busiest restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping malls.

During the tourist season, this new club will be one of the first establishments to stand out in the eyes of incoming tourists.

The new club is expected to attract local, as well as, new-sprung interest from the 50 kilometer/ 25 mile surrounding area.

Market research indicates the demand for a new entertainment complex, as the current nightclubs catering to this lucrative market have failed to keep up with today's market trends. The current establishments have been a dying concept for quite some time, as they're considered small, outdated, poorly managed and under promoted to say the least. In plain essence, these clubs and their style are considered primitive in comparison to today's rapidly progressing nightclub industry, and by virtue of this, have resulted in a loss of overall interest from the local and wide area marketplace. The overall public interest of the New Albany nightclub scene is roughly estimated at approximately 25% of what...