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"Nighthawks" Never had I felt happier in my life; I was on my way to old Phillie's Café to meet the one who has my heart. I knew it would be a long walk but I figured that my thoughts of how we met would take up the time and when I'm done, I'd see her face once again It was a gentle, warm night; the sky was full of stars. It felt like a fairy tale. Wandering in Central Park late at night, I decided to just sit down, kick back and stare at the stars. Before I knew it, her face came into the light. She seemed like an illusion because I had never seen anyone like her. Just the sight of her made my knees weak and fingers tingle. She spoke.

"Do you mind if I sit with you?" I didn't know what to say. Of course I wanted to say yes but the words weren't coming out of my mouth.

Finally I replied "I think I'm in love".

What the hell was I thinking when I said that I didn't know; but I felt an instant attraction to her, more than just simple infatuation. I put my head down because I was too embarrassed to even look at her but she took my hand and lifted it up and said "Don't be embarrassed. I see you around here a lot. I don't know why I'm going to say this but I was hoping to run into you." "Really? Why?" I said while the redness in my cheeks was slowing fading away.

" I don't know. I felt a lure between us. Maybe it's just me. I'm sorry if I'm scaring you. Maybe I should go now .." she said as she was beginning to get up.

I pulled her back down and said with this sudden confidence "Stay. It feels like you just read my mind".

For the rest of the night, we spent it talking and staring at the stars. I felt like we knew each other before we even met. Everyday after that, we just couldn't part. It seemed as if we were in our own world, high in the sky where no one could bring us back down. Finally, last night I told her how I truly felt.

"Page, I knew I loved you before I met you. I feel like I dreamed you into life"¦" As I was about to continue I decided not to. Rather I just said ".. come meet me at Phillie's tomorrow. There's something I have to do." "Alright .. I'll see you tomorrow" she said with a slight crack in her voice.

I didn't know what that crack was, maybe a dry throat but I didn't take it seriously.

As we parted I couldn't wait until today. I was getting closer to Phillie's. I had everything I needed; the ring and the perfect person to be with for the rest of my life. The city never felt livelier and lights around me made the feeling even greater and more intense. I went in and sat in our regular booth but she wasn't there yet. Maybe she was running late or maybe I was too early. I waited, waited and waited. Suddenly, the great smile on my face was turning into frown and the lights of the city felt like they were fading. I waited until almost every person had left. I went up and sat next to Phillie. I looked across the bar area and directly in front of me was a couple out on a date; it made me feel even worse.

Phillie looked up at me and said with an optimistic tone "Don't worry about it. She'll be here." Suddenly I felt torn. My heart was bruised. I knew she wasn't coming but I waited anyway. I just waited like a nighthawk.