Nixon Vs. Macbeth

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Nixon and Macbeth were two historic figures who were influential in determining the fate of their future. Both were ambitious men living during perilous times, yet each charted a different course for himself and his country when faced with the lure of power. Nixon fulfilled his ambitions by devoting his life to creating a nation, while Macbeth was ignorant to his responsibilities to his country, in turn destroying it and himself.

Throughout his whole life, Nixon was given the chance for more power. As a young man, he became successful in student politics and victory in intercollegiate debates. After completing his education at Duke University Law School he went to Whittier, California to work for the towns oldest law firm, where he gained more knowledge of politics and law. Later, a Republican group seeking a candidate for California's 12th congressional district endorsed Nixon. He won the Republican primary and defeated Jerry Voorhis, a nationally known New Deal Democrat, in the general election.

Even though Nixon exaggerated charges against his opponent in the Senate he still won. His victory in California enhanced his national recognition. Nixon's rise to the top came when he was the running mate of Eisenhower, who was running for president. Despite his past, he offered the people the chance to write to the Republican National Committee to decide if he should withdraw, Nixon was assured a place on the ticket.

After Nixon became president he was faced with many challenges. Since he was elected president during a time of war, he was faced with many challenges. During his second term, Nixon was being criticized for his efforts to disengage from the war in Vietnam. The people thought that Nixon was too slow to disengage from the war in Vietnam. Nixon's part in the Watergate and the...