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Zeus- The almighty Zeus, king of the gods. He oversees Odysseus journey home and often interfered with Odysseus journey. He either causes roadblocks or saving Odysseus's life. In the story after Helios came and complained about his cattle being killed. Zeus is forced to punish Odysseus' men, by throwing lightning bolts at them and breaking their ship apart. This killed everyone onboard, except Odysseus, who got away and Zeus helped him escape from the eyes of Scylla- the sea monster. The punishment was to please Helios, so he would still shine for our world instead of going down to the underworld. Zeus is related to Helios by their immortal relationship, son of Cronus and he is also known as the "father" of all gods. In the end of the episode Zeus had pleased everyone.

Helios - He was one of the original Titans who weren't killed by Zeus. He became the sun god or other known as the Lord of the Noon. Every morning he takes the sun from the eastern ocean and puts it into his chariot. He then rides to the top of the sky at noon. In the evening he disappears into the west. In this episode of the Odyssey, his beloved cattle are killed and eaten by Odysseus's men. He was furious and complains to Zeus about their rude act. Helios gave him two choices to either punish those men or he will go shine in the underworld. Zeus wanting to keep the sun agrees to the punishment. Zeus kills all of Odysseus men except for Odyssey himself. Helios in the story is like the watchman of Odysseus. He tries to guide Odysseus home.

Lampetia- she is a nymph. She reports the killing of the cattle to Helios. She is also the servant...