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Odysseus's Strengths and Weaknesse

The Odyssey is an epic poem written by Homer. The poem tells of a man named Odysseus who is a king and warrior trying to return home to Ithaca after they fought the Trojan War. Odysseus had many characteristics described as strong, courageous, and an athlete. These certain qualities about him helped him in his desire to overcome anything and find his way back home to Penelope. Odysseus's time gone away from his home was about a total of twenty years and I that time his household had been overrun by suitors trying to court his wife Penelope. His trip was ultimately prolonged due to interference by Odysseus own mistakes along with some of the gods interactions. Odysseus overall weakness such as pride and arrogance had prevented him and his crew from returning to Ithaca for ten years and along the way caused mishaps to occur.

Even though Odysseus had some weaknesses, he also had some strong qualities that helped him in his journey to Ithaca.

In the story the Odyssey, Odysseus had a number of weaknesses, but one main weakness that stood out among the rest was his pride. All throughout there was incidents that showed his abundance of pride and one main example of that is the incident with the Cyclops, Polyphemus in the cavern. Odysseus shows his weakness of pride from the story behind the Cyclops in the cavern. Odysseus being the man he is was curious to see what lived in the mainlands so him and his mean gathered their belongings and traveled up to the cavern. Little did they know there was a Cyclops living there named Polyphemus. When his men discovered there was food they wanted to be greedy and steal it but Odysseus being prideful wanted to win over...