Old Man Wrobel

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"You should never judge someone unless you truly know what it is like to walk around in their shoes." This is a quotation used in Pat Minnick's story "Old Man Wrobel". That quotation is very meaningful to the story.

In the story, the children spread rumors about old man Wrobel. Wrobel is a butcher and owner of a small grocery store. He looks scary to the kids because he is usually covered with the blood from animals and he doesn't speak much English. One of the rumors was that he kept a cow heart that was still beating in his pocket.

People were judging him on only how he looks and stories from other children. No child dared to go to old man Wrobel's store alone.

The author in the story was at home when his mom ran out of cherries to put in her pie she was baking so she asked the author to go to Wrobel's to get some more.

The author tried to explain to his mother about the danger but she just said they are just silly stories.

When the author reached Wrobel's he ran in, grabbed some cherries, threw 40 cents on the counter and ran for his bike. He rode as fast as he could but Wrobel chased after him. The author fell and hurt his leg. Wrobel picked him up. The author thought he was going to die. He passed out. He woke up in the shop to find that all Wrobel wanted was to give him his change back.

In conclusion you should never judge someone unless you truly know what it is like to be in his or her shoes