Old Yeller

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You Crazy, Wonderful Dog!

That's what Travis' mother, Kate Coates said about Old Yeller in the movie. I agree with Travis' mother that Old Yeller was a wonderful dog, who loved the family. I enjoyed reading the book Old Yeller and was eagerly waiting to watch the movie. I was not quite sure what to expect in the movie and hoped that Old Yeller would be alive at the end of the movie. Sadly, Old Yeller dies in the movie as well. After watching the movie, I noticed that a lot of the details in the book were missing in the movie. The book and the movie are similar in many ways. The theme of the Coming of Age with Travis was clear in the movie, similar to the book. Travis has to make grown up decisions about life and death to take care of his family while his father was away.

But there are many differences as well such as the ones below.

One of the differences that I noticed missing in the movie was the bullfight which was described in the book in Chapter 4. In the book, the bulls were fighting and took down the fence. There was comic relief is when one of the bulls pushed the other on a cart, which went rolling down the hill. The poor bull later jumped off the cart. A quote from the novel to support the difference is "all the bull's weight did was tilt it so the wheels started rolling. And away the cart went down the hill, carrying Roany with it." I think this difference is important because it would have added more humor and fun to the movie. This would have made the movie better by making it less serious.

Another difference in the move is...