How One Defines Success

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Every human being in the world, no matter who you talk to, what language you speak or country you reside in goes through life trying to determine what exactly the meaning of success really is. To most of us life only gives two options success or failure - either you are successful with an exploding wallet of cash, driving a luxury roadster and married to supermodel or you are a failure just trying to hold on for the miserable ride of life to come. That perhaps is an exaggerated statement but for myself and many young students, pressured by their parents academically often have a difficult time seeing life any other way. Personally I believe that the definition of success does not have to be so generalized and it can be broken down into multiple simpler definitions. The definition of success for me is determined by winning the battle of the fear to fail, the values one has in life, education and goal setting.

Seemingly one of the toughest obstacles to overcome when one tries to find what it truly means to be successful is overcoming the battle of the fear to fail. No one enjoys the feeling of failing at something, the disgust a student feels when a failing mark on an Economics midterm surfaces, the heartbreak of a hockey player missing an open net - but it is often that those failures will lead one to eventual success. "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm"(, 2008), said by Sir Winston Churchill illustrates that if you fail at something but keep your enthusiasm, keep on working hard and build a solid learning foundation and success will be sure to follow. It may sometimes be that failing midterm mark that is the...