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In building an operational motivation plan - I will use scenario where a new manager has been chosen to develop a new business opportunity within a large organization. This role involves the manager to perform a set of tasks to ensure the success of the new business opportunity. The purpose of this paper will allow me to explore the role of the manager and role of the organization within the context as to things that each entity can do to add value to the organization.

Role of manager: In this role of developing the new business opportunity, the manager has to do the following tasks:

·Develop the long-term and short-term vision

·Set the objectives

·Hire the appropriate people

·Set goals for the people in the group

·Motivate employees

·Outline the incentives for achieving targets

·Appraise employees

Although the above-mentioned tasks seem distinctly different they are linked and the success of this manager depends on effectively executing against them.

Without a vision and associated objectives one cannot clearly articulate the appropriate people and set goals for them. Once the manager has clearly established the vision, objectives and hired the people the tough task of implementing the new business opportunity still remains. To do this effectively the manager has to set the right goals for the employees. One has to ensure that all employees are able to work cohesively and towards a common cause - which in this case is developing the new business opportunity.

Once the goals are set the manager has to ensure that employees are motivated to perform their tasks. This skill is foundational for any competent manager. Positive motivators are crucial as they will create a team spirit and increase productivity. Motivated employees do not happen by accident - a manager has to often have the...