Opinion Survery...A paper written about what a random selected group of people feel about family traditions, and some reasons why they might feel that way.

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Public Opinion Survey

"Have family values declined in today's society?" The answer to this question would have varied answers that would depend on different variables. The hypotheses I made were based on the presumption that people have different values because of the environment they were raised in and when they were raised. With this question I would like to learn if the variables that I created do have an affect on how people view modern family values.

The first independent variable that I used for this issue, was the question of religion. For the dependent variables, I simply used "yes" and "no". With this independent variable I was not looking for a specific religion, just religious in general, that is why I only used "yes" or "no" for the dependent variables. Secondly, I used gender as a variable and my two dependant variables for this were male and female.

Next, I asked the person responding to the question if they had come from a divorced family. The dependent variables for this was "yes" or "no". For the final independent variable, I used age. For the dependent variables I used two brackets of age that was, "age 16-39" and "age 40 and older".

My hypothesis for the religious variable will be very different depending on how the person responds to this variable. I think those who are religious will answer my original question with a "yes". I believe this because religious people, no matter what religion, tend to have higher values and expectations, especially when it comes to family. Non-religious people are more likely to have lower expectations when it comes to morals and values, so I think they would be more likely to answer "no".

I would think that for the variable of gender, females would answer "no"...