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"Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts"

Research, experience, and common sense all suggest that to maintain a competitive advantage, organizations must act on what they know, including what they know about treating people as assets. (Pfeffer, J. and Veiga, J.F., May 1999) Organizations often look to the latest management fad or quick fix to solve their problems merging, acquiring, down-sizing, outsourcing all the while ignoring basic people-management issues they know can be fundamental to a business success. There are a few issues that we need to look at for a business to have continued success.

Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is the study of individuals and their behavior within the context of the organization in a workplace setting. For an organization to accomplish its objectives, its managers must understand how and why people behave the way they do. The conflict, uncertainty, and complexity of organizational behavior stand in contrast to the perspective view of managerial life as deliberate and orderly.

The perspective approach is valuable in that it provides a description of management behavior in the best of all possible organizations.

Despite recent technological innovations designed to make work more efficient and effective, organizations are highly complex. Intelligent managers recognize the critical role of human behavior in determining an organization's overall success. (Stroh, L.K., Northcraft, G.B., Neale, M.A.)

Organizational Culture

In organizing, one should create working relationships between members that allow them to work together and achieve their goals. Grouping people together according to tasks performed. Duties need to be assigned to specific people and authority delegated to those positions. Organization plays a key role in a group.

Our company deals mostly through government defense contracts that have budgets, time restraints and have contractual timeframes set upon them. There are steps that must be...