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Memorandum For: Corporate America Financing 20 Nov 00

From: XXXX

Subject: Request for Corporate Funding

Dear Financial Representative,

I am submitting this package and/or presentation to outline the specific details and facts for developing my own corporation. To secure funding, I have justified (attached) all the required financing needed for the initial start-up and operating budget.

The need for specialized and qualified concrete contractors has become in such a demand that I wish to take my existing independent business "Handyman Concrete" and develop the business into an expanding corporation to meet the current and future consumer and market demands.

My corporation will bear the name QCS, Quality Concrete Services, Inc. QCS will create and employ 140 individuals and will generate over $ 33.9 million dollars into the local economy annually.

I trust you will find all the necessary paperwork and data to be in order. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to call attorney, Gerald Aycock, (800) 555-1212.



CEO, Quality Concrete Services


1. Tax returns of principals for the last three years

2. Personal financial statements

3. In the case of a franchised business, a copy of franchise contract and all supporting documents provided by the franchisor

4. Copy of proposed lease or purchase agreement for building space

5. Copy of licenses and other legal documents

6. Copy of resumes of all principals

7. Copies of letters of intent from suppliers, etc

Quality Concrete Services, where the "Q" really means Quality!

Table of Contents

The Business Plan

Description of business, page 6

Product/service, page 6

Location, page 6

The Marketing Plan

Marketing analysis, page 7

Target market, page 7

Competition, page 7

Market competitiveness, page 7

Environment, page 8

Service analysis, page 8

Description, page 8

Comparison, page 8

Considerations, page 8

Marketing Mix,