Organizations as Machines

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I have been questioning why certain organizations work in certain manner in this modern world. I wanted to find out the concept of this wasteful organizational mythology. I pondered long on my company's management blindly ignoring the reality of today. I did not find the answer, but with this class, I am beginning to understand why.

In my daily work, I am treated like a machine. I have to be at the job at certain time, and answer incoming calls in certain manner. I am to pick up the phone, and answer, "Good day, this is Shah in Kodak digital Imaging, may I have you account number." Then I am to ask, "May I have your store name, and number." After this, I am to ask, "May I have your first name? Could you spell that for me? May I have your last name? Could you spell that for me?" Next I am told to ask "How may I assist you today?" After this introduction, and confirmation, I am asked to listen to customer's problem.

I have to be very patient, and show that I am on her side. While she is talking, I have to document every word she says. After this I am to trouble shoot the problem. I am told to troubleshoot in a manner that she will appreciate my help at the end of the call. While I am troubleshooting I am told to document every word I say. When I am ready to end the call, I am told to say, "Is there anything else I can do for you." If she says no, then I am told to say, "Thank you for calling Kodak, and have a wonderful day."

Kodak expects me to give the customers the best customer service that customers can get.