Organizing within an Organization

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Organizing is one of the major functions of management. In every company organizing is necessary. Organizing activities include attracting people to the organization, specifying job responsibilities, grouping jobs into work units, marshaling and allocating resources, and creating conditions so that people and things work together to achieve maximum success. To establish the internal organizational structure of an organization one has to organize. So within the organization one has to focus on its division, coordination, and control of tasks and also the flow of information. The managers in my department always share and divide the responsibility and authority within the staff members. This is because organizing can be seen as the activities to collect and configure resources in order to implement plans in a highly effective and efficient manner. Our management has to make decisions due to the fact that we have 27 staff members in our department. Being that we are a large group we have to have some organizational alternatives.

We have four organizational chart alternatives in our department; it shows who report to whom. Having an organizational structure is very important where each department has multiple roles.

In addition, it has been suggested that knowledge management is a conscience strategy for moving the right knowledge to the right people at the right time to assist sharing and enabling the information to be translated into action to improvethe organizational performance (O'Dell and Grayson 1997). The issues of knowledge utilization, transference and storage have concerns for those aware of security and protection of these knowledge assets. While organizations are generally aware that information systems need increased security each year and higher degrees of oversight, many organizations are also beginning to recognize their technology-based competitive advantages are usually fleeting and the true competitive advantages they have is the knowledge of their...