Our Town As An Interpretive Piece

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In "Our Town", by Thornton Wilder, the setting is Grover Corners, N.H., around 1901-1913. The plot to "Our Town" consists of a daily life in the town, normal conversations, but mostly with the growing up George and Emily; two local teens destined to share each other's love. The main characters are George and Emily, the stage manager, and important town people. There are multiple themes to this work reflecting on issues such as, the complexity of love; the beauty, meaning, and cycle of life; the nature of time itself, and the tragedy of human life. This work of literature is a good example of an Interpretive piece, due to the fact that it appeals to the mature reader over the immature. Wilder does a fantastic job illustrating life and human behavior in the small town. He forces the reader to plunge into the depth of the real world, by paralleling this little town to real happenings in everyday life.

That in turn gives the readers pleasure as well as an easier understanding. The quality of this work makes you feel as if you are growing up with the town, and with the details you get from Wilders writing you get the sense that he is a discoverer personifying this small haven known as Grover Corners.