Outsiders unite

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Outcast all come together some way and either help each other or hurt each other, as we see with failed actors, clowns, farmers away from the farm; they all have affect on each other lives whether big or small.

Tod was a very smart man, but by looking at him you wouldn't know it, he seemed almost mentally slow but in fact wasn't at all.

After Tod has had a conversation with Abe the angry dwarf in his apartment after inviting him Tod says something smart: "I guessed he was Greek because Trapgopan is a Greek word that means pheasant"(65). This makes Abe question Tod and his knowledge: " How do you know what it means? You aint a Greek"(65)? At the end of the conversation Abe finally realizes that Tod went to college and in intelligent and finds it amusing: "A college man, hah"(66)?

find this whole scene funny because Abe doesn't like the fact that Tod knew that owner of the horse was Greek because he thought it was fishy since he claimed not have known him.

After Tod explains himself a little more Abe realizes Tod is smart and was wrong from his first impression of him being inarticulate.

Nathanael West right away paints a picture in our head of a mute looking character that in fact is the opposite of that clever: "If the scout had met Tod, he probably wouldn't have sent him to Hollywood to learn set and costume designing. His large sprawling body, his slow blue eyes and sloppy grin made him seem completely without talent, almost doltish in fact"(60).

If anybody meets Tod Hackett they might be quite shocked of what he actually is capable of, because he looks like he is mentally slow. As Nathanael West shows us with pointing out...