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How to make a Paper Crane I.

Intro:What you are going to hear about this morning is how to make a Paper Crane.


1.Get a square piece of paper.

2.Fold one corner to the opposite corner.

3.Repeat step (2) with opposite corners.

4.Makeit look as if there are two triangles and a box.

5.Then make it into a diamond.

6.Then make it into amore norrow diamond.

7.Then fold half of the diamond over.

8.Then repeat step (7) on the other side.

9.then fold half of the same side verticlly.

10.Then repeat step (7&9) on the other side 11.Pull out two corners half way.

12. Takeone pulled out corner and make a face out of it by folding acorner down about 45 degrees 13. Then fold it in ward 14. Hold the base of the crane and pull the other pulled out corner that is the tail.

15.Now watch the Crane flap its wings.


Conclusion : This may not ever help you in life and it may help you, as in calming you down, and if you get bored.This is not a necssity in life.