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In the play, Los Vendidos, by Luis Valdez, the author uses stereotypical models of Mexicans to make the secretary of Governor Regan, think that the odd behaviors of the models were appropriate. The models were: The Farm Worker, who picked crops and does other laborious tasks that would take place on a farm. The Pachuco is a big city thug, who robs, steals, and wields a switchblade. The Revolucionario starts and participates in revolutions and other things of that nature. Last, The Mexican-American, who is native to Mexico, but was educated to the standards of the United States.

When the secretary first gets to the lot, Sancho, the model dealer, introduces her to each model. First was the Farm Worker Model, as a hard worker and an economical machine. The secretary doesn't want it because it doesn't speak English and has tendencies to strike. Sancho then introduces her to the Pachuco model, which immediately pulls out a switchblade and swings at the secretary.

Sancho shows her that this model knows how to be arrested while slightly resisting. This model isn't as economical as the first, but is still fairly cheap to operate. The problem comes when the secretary finds out that it's idea of bi-lingual is cursing and that it inferiority complex. It does drugs and steals the secretary's purse. It is because of these things that the secretary decides that this is not an appropriate model for her needs. Sancho moves on to the Revolucionario, which used to act in movies and do commercials for TV. This model is more economical that the second but is very savage in that it eats raw horsemeat and drinks tequila; however this makes it a better lover. The problem with this model is that it was made in...