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Parenting I believe that Parents should focus more on their relationship with their kids than on how strictly they enforce their rules. A family life is something that should always be there, no matter what. I also think that both parents should split the parenting equally. In my family my mom is usually the one who that I side with. My dad is almost always enforcing his rules and my mom usually just goes along with it. It seems that sometimes I can tell that they switch their roles, and I think its better when they do it. For instance my mom usually does everything really nicely. My dad usually tells me what to do clear-cut and simply, and with nothing in between. Now I feel that when my parents ask me to do things around the house my dad now nicely explains it and my mom just seams to assigns the work.

Overall I believe that parents should be friends with their children and still be able to discipline them, but stop when their children start to become adults and have the ability to make their own decisions. Right now I get along with both of my parents, I'm more friends with my mom than my dad, but that's usually how it goes, I do chores around the house, and there is no need for discipline. This is how they raised me and I think that they have done a good job.