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Dorothy Gale was a typical teenager. She had her parents, a place to live and her dog, Toto. She ran away and was swept up by tornado and taken to a far away land. She left her home because her parents did not listen. The lack of communication is a big problem in American families. Parents tend to not listen to what their children have to say. There are three ways in which parents avoid listening to their children. Parents can ignore their children completely, wait until it is convenient for them or falsely give the impression that the child has his or her full attention.

The first and most common way to avoid communicating with a child is to simply ignore them. Many parents think that by ignoring the child, he or she will leave them alone. Everyone knows this is not true. Children will usually do the opposite of what their parents want them to do, and will not give up until their questions are answered, or the parent satisfy their needs.

The second reason parents do not listen to their child is because it is not to their convenience, even though it may be to the child's. When the child wants to talk and the parent does not want to, or the parent already has plans to do something else at that time, this causes a great problem. When a parent gets upset at a child for not talking, it is hard for the child to explain why he has not been. This in turn, discourages other conversations between the parent and the child.

The third example of how parents do not listen is to give the impression that the child has his or her full attention, even though the parent is concentrating on something else. This is a very effective method for the parents, but usually hurts the child more. The child usually knows that the parent is not listening, and will get mad and upset by this. This method of ignoring a child makes it harder on the child and the parents.

When Dorothy got out of the tornado she was scared. She wanted to go back home and stay with her mom and dad. When she finally got back to her parents, everyone realized they needed to listen and talk more often as a family. By talking and listening, her parents had a better relationship and had better communication with Dorothy. This example shows that parents do not always listen to what their children have to say, but it is something that can be worked on and corrected.