Path of our lives.

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"The path of your life is no more than the mirror of the path of your mind". She

would always tell me with her eyes filled with a glazed pearlescent polish but what lies

behind the eyes I see a history that could outdate any textbook, I wonder what behind

those Sahara brown mountain top eyes, what story lies beneath the surface never to be?

Told what feelings that underneath that purple heart with pride like a bee to its flower but

also filled with the happiness and sorrow at the at the same time, what about me where

am I going to be in ten years? The answer to that is where I let myself go because she told

me that is what will happen. Who is she you ask. She is one of the reasons I'll be going

to Miami, ASU or EMU. She is one of the reasons I try my hardest, make my own


The reason I'll be the number 1 sports agent in the world yet she is not the reason for my

failure she is my beloved grandmother. She is the muse for my success. When I moved to

my father's to a whole different state, different home, new school, new friends. It was a

big change for me and I was scared because it was like taking a fish out of the water his

natural habitat he starts to panic and gasps for air and that's exactly what I did. What I

failed to notice is that it was a new beginning. I felt left out and lonely like a palm tree

would in Alaska. I had to go to school and learn on a whole new level, also my social

skills were not good considering I grew up with...