The Path to the Unknown

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'Anyone interested in performing in the District VIII Honors Jazz Band this year?'

asked Mr. Yeazell, my band director 'Because I have all the information needed to sign-

up for auditions.'

For some reason, deep down inside I did not feel I had a chance at all of making the

honors band, so I watched everybody else go up to obtain the application material.

Days went by, and eventually I had forgotten completely about the event, until Mr.

Yeazell once again brought it up,'Everybody involved in the District VIII Honors Jazz

Band don't forget your first practice is tomorrow down at University of Dayton. I have

maps and room numbers for those of you who have never done this before. One more

thing Willie Anderson, the coordinator, asked me to see if I could get one more

trombone, two trumpets, and another alto sax for the band. Anyone interested?'

Without thinking, my hand shot up like a bullet, and before I could realize what I had

done, Mr.

Yeazell called on me.

' Mr. Coleman, thanks for volunteering. Since I know your playing ability, I will tell

Willie that there is no need for a tryout. Besides, I think he is becoming desperate if you

ask me. You will also need to go to U.D. on Saturday for practice. Do you need a ride?'

'O.K.' and "Yes," was all I was able to say. What had I done? I was not qualified to

play in the honors band I stink. I had trouble playing the music in the high school jazz

band, let alone the music that was geared towards the musically gifted! The next few

hours and throughout that night, I could not think of anything but the mistakes I was

going to make on Saturday during practice.