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Dictionaries of contemporary English (for example, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English; Roget'sThesauri; Lexicon of Contemporary English) define patience as the ability to wait calmly for a long time and not to be made angry by delay. They also define patience as the capacity to accept pain, trouble, misfortune or hardship without complaining or loosing one's self-control.

Patience may be shown in several situations. Let us consider the following examples.

We live in a city with a highly poor system of transportation that does not meet the requirements of the present-day life. It takes us hours to get from one place to another no matter how far we have to go. Only few people live near metro-stations and avoid standing in traffic-jams. I do not belong to this category and I have to stand in traffic-jams on my way to the University for more than an hour. Therefore, my patience is tried everyday day.

I may die with impatience because I hate being late but I would never display it in public.

I was always amazed by fishermen's patience They can sit motionlessly for hours at the bank of the river or in a boat in the middle of the lake. Hunters, their "colleagues", also astonish me with their infinite patience, which they show while roaming about in the woods and tracing down an animal. Naturalists, collecting rare insects or plants may be ranked in this group as well.

Another example of patience as an external characteristic is taken from my grandfather's life. His stoicism was exceptional and served as an example in our family. He would always wait calmly in queues that were so frequent in his times. He never lost his temper when dealing with annoying individuals or noisy children. When I asked him if he actually was as composed and imperturbable inside as he seemed to be outwardly he confessed that nearly always he was torn with impatience. It was he who taught me how to keep myself under control and to follow the saying: he that has patience may compass anything.

As the examples show patience may be characterized as an inward quality as well as an outward. Patience should be developed from childhood for of is a very valuable quality. As a friend of mine desperately trying to Patience, that blending of moral courage with physical timidity