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1. Should the company stop or slow the hiring of new talent while attempting to retrain and reassign existing employees to new jobs? Why or why not? Are these two approaches for change compatible? Yes/No and why.

Peoples Trust should not stop the hiring process but slow it down in a way as to only consider applicants to fill the positions that are being created due to the re-organization, and are critical to the progression of the company. By slowing down the hiring it doesn't mean that you still cannot gather résumé's of prospective employees that might be beneficial to the organization in the future.

As stated in the article, the managers have never been approached to discuss any existing employees in an individual way to see if they have the skills and desire to learn a new position. The first step Peoples Trust should take is a company wide review of the organization's personnel.

Peoples Trust must gain total support and by in of all managers to make the process a success.

The benefits of retraining are to give present employees the additional skills they need to perform their job and to advance within the company. Peoples Trust must sit down with department managers and identify strategic department goals and objectives along with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve them. Management must then identify whether the

staff has the skills and knowledge and when they don't, that's when training needs are discussed.

The two approaches are compatible in the way, that by slowing down of the hiring process and retraining the existing employees, the company has the option of to redeploy-qualified employees within the organization, or hiring from the outside to fill positions. Existing employees understand the culture of the company and already have working relationships in the...