Performance Management and Industrial Relations

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Performance Management: Definition

Performance Management is a process requiring participation from both managers and employees that functions on agreed terms instead of top-down instructions. For it to be comprehensive and efficient at the same time, it requires a joint and continuous dialoque aimed at improving the terms between the two parties concerned. Some of the areas that performance management that works on are acceptance of objectives, skills and competencies to perform the job and supplementation through training programs to meet known shortcomings in them. It is therefore, a process that brings together organizational, functional, divisional and personal objectives under a shared responsibility framework. This process is about a thorough understanding of the day-to-day events that the employees do so as to make the best possible use of their abilities, enabling their performance and long-term growth while aligning their contribution with the goals of the organization.[1]

Performance Measurement: Rationale

In the latter half of 1980's, Performance management came to the fore with the arrival of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM).

It served to introduce a unified approach to the management and development of employees and marked a paradigm shift in the decentralization of this responsibility to the line managers. Previously, the management of performance was carried out annually in most establishments by HRM but the advent of performance management recognized that it ought to be carried on a continuous basis by line managers. This reflected the changed thought processes in corporate culture which demanded that core values and processes drive the change in alignment of employees towards It paralleled the 'new' thinking on corporate culture, driven by core values and the need for processes that would help to change behaviour and align employees to corporate values and goals.

Industrial Relations: Definition

Industrial relations refers to an integrated relationship between the workers,