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My autobiography is somewhat short and sweet. There isn't much to tell about just me. I believe that there are more stories to tell about ones life than about telling who you are as a person. Experience is what makes you whole and I'm no different from ordinary people. The only ordinary people are the ones you just don't understand.

I have only lived a short while, being all of twenty-three years old. My experiences are slim, but I have a beginning. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee to a great set of parents who were very young. I believe they had a lot to do with my personality today. Some years after, we moved to Florida and then to Michigan. I graduated from MHS, hating every minute of it, then from KCC a local community college with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences and CAD & Drafting.

Although I have the engineering position, I decided I needed to further my education and get the actual degree in Mechanical Engineering from WMU.

I decided on my career choice because I was told a woman had no right becoming an engineer. It made me want to prove to myself as well as to everyone else that I could become one. Although I hate math and dislike physics, I like the emotional challenge. I do enjoy designing production parts and vehicles. Along with designing cars, I've always enjoyed working on cars with limited knowledge. Also, I would love to learn about motorcycles, which is a hobby that would suite my personality.

I like my complicated life most of the time, but I still wish could just go to school and really get into my field of interest. I work full time and go to school full time, so my social life and...